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Oct 2, 2012
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Cars in limp mode this is the fault but the garage I'm using can't find the problem.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Turbo has been off for inspection. It was clean and in good order
Dpf cleaned out. Still going in limp mode

Hope someone can help :(

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It's boost pressure. Either the pressure is too low or high or the sensor gone dodgy. How many miles have you got in the car?
Pretty sure it's low. It's a 2l 170 s line with 92k on the clock.

The garage have mentioned i need some repair kit from audi. But I can't remember what part it was to repair. Possibly the actuator?
Sorry I'm being a bit vague. I'm no mechanic. :)

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The best person to talk to is a guy on here called Nhn as he knows all thing Audi. I have heard of a repair kit but cannot remember which part it is either. Also may be due a vain clean on the turbo.
Looks like the garage are trying the right things then,
a vain clean has already been done but wasn't the problem

Cheers for your help.

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Someone must have some info on this issue surely???

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