EPC Warning light came on :(?


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Hey Guys,
In need of some of your mechanical expertise, A couple of weeks back my EPC light came on so I turned the engine off and back on and the light went away and i didn't think anything of it.
Yesterday however my EPC light came on and then my engine warning light came on! :(

So I checked the error code with my torque app and the error code displayed is a:
"P2138 - Powertrain"
"Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch D/E Voltage Correlation"

Which means absolutely nothing to me :(
Car is a 2009 Audi S3 with 50k on the clock
Remapped stage 2+ Apr
Revo Induction Kit
Aftermarket Exhaust


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Plausibility check will have failed on one of the tracks in the pedal. I'd suspect pedal first.
Check live data as appropriate with your scan tool. If that doesn't reveal fault, you really need a scope on both tracks to take things further.