EPC Light comes on when revving past 3000


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Hi all,

I've had this problem once before, but then it disappeared. Yesterday however, it's come back.

If I rev past 3000rpm, in any gear, the EPC light will come on.
In addition, the needle will wobble around the 3000 mark at a constant speed, and this continues if I try to go beyond 3000.

If I go back below 3000, then the light will go off after maybe 10-20 seconds.

My car:
54 Reg A3 2.0FSI Sportback
FWD, done around 83k

Does anybody have any idea what could be the problem? Thanks!


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Where are you located? Have you tried the VCDS map?
North East London/Edge of Essex, near where the North Circular meets the A12. There is a guy near me on the map, but he never replied the last time I PMed him.


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Ok, took it to a garage, diagnostics showed no problems.

It seems that the car now drives normally, but the light still comes on when revving past the 3000 mar (approximately) It has come on in other places too, but very rarely.

Could this be a sensor issue? If so, which sensor?