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EPC and Check Engine Light Came on and went off

Berke Aug 30, 2020

  1. Berke

    Berke Registered User

    Hello, I have 2014 A3 1.4T DSG and today it throws EPC light again, I've tried to restart the car just couple times and Check Engine light came on as well. After driving it for few miles to home without any power loss, I restarted the car again couple times and first nothing, second EPC (no check eng.), third nothing, forth EPC (no check eng.).

    Last time I bring my car in for service, they told me I have EPC and EML light on, I was surprised, they diagnosed it and found ''V465 Charge Pressure Adjuster'' to be at fault, they cleared codes and everything is fine until today. Has anyone had this issue? I don't want any lights more if possible because I'm looking to sell it and buy newer Q3, should I replace any sensors or what would be your recommendation? I need your help, thanks.
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  3. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    Reset the light and Trade it in. Dealers is most likely chucking it in the auctions so don’t care as long there’s no light on when you hand it over.
    Could be a number of things. Most likely a random misfire and if it doesn’t happen within a so many cycles it will switch the eml light off. Only stays on if it’s continuous.

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