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Engine vibration when cold issue

ceS3r Dec 19, 2016

  1. ceS3r

    ceS3r Registered User

    Hi all.

    So, I've been having an issue for quite a while now. A year ago or so, I was coming down the highway, when suddenly my car took a little bump and I felt a very strong vibration on the entire car, specially the steering wheel. When I was about to park my car home, I heard a metallic sound like if something had broken, right afterwards the car began vibrating quite a lot. Oh snap I need a new engine mount I thought. So I took it to my personal mechanic and indeed the engine mount was kaput, I bought a new one, changed it and voila, vibration gone.

    Now, for over a couple of months now, when the car is cold, I can feel the vibrations again, specially when the car is gonna take a bump or a speed bump, and the higher the RPM, the stronger the vibration. This starts to reduce once the engine begins to warm up (I'm thinking that maybe the rubber on the mount gets warmed up and the vibration reduces?)

    It's getting worse now, everyday I can feel the vibration stronger and it takes longer to reduce...

    So, given that my engine mount is fairly new, could this be that the transmission mount (opposite side from the engine mount) is starting to break? Or maybe the lower mount I think is called the dogbone? What could be a good way to diagnose which mount is bad?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks and excuse my English.
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  3. killfame

    killfame Registered User

    As a sufferer of exact same problem during past year, i suggest you checking transmission mount.
    For this year, i don't know if i have barely 3months with mine and broke twice dogbone.
    Few weeks ago broken engine mount barely 2days right after second time fixed dogbone...
    After these two horror movies, now they are very good tighten up with bigger bolts ect, but i still get some squeaking noises and bet on transmission mount this time.
    Before long trips, use to check mounts everytime! (That's my TIP because this ain't joke at all!!!)
    And make sure that you still have healthy bushes!!!
    This whole car is like a labyrinth and tetris, things come one after another...
    Delivers good moods and feelings, but also wants and good attention to it!

    Save journey!
  4. Stuart B

    Stuart B Registered User

    are you breaking the engine mounts because the car has been lowered too much so the mounts are stressed or twisted etc?
  5. killfame

    killfame Registered User

    I think, it's all matter of time.

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