Engine undertray.

Hi all my son has a a3 2007 2.0 tdi 170 bhp sline with the bmn engine i have been looking for the engine undertray but i am really struggling to find a tray that fits the diesel, can find loads for the petrol but nothing for the diesel or when i contact seller's all saying that they don't fit. Could anybody help please or could somebody tell me where we could get one thanks for all your help.


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Thanks nessy tried them today gave them the vin number and other details, said that it would not fit son's car, typical but the listing claims it would fit thanks for your help.


Thank you for your information. Unfortunately, after checking your VIN - we can see that this part is not suitable for your vehicle and at the moment we do not have any alternatives, which would fit, to offer. We will ask our supplier if they have the right part you are looking for in stock, and if they do - we will let you know. We have a 1KO825237AF part and you need 1KO825237AG Thank you for understanding.

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I have been on zap.com manual part no 1KO825237AG show it as
Silencing Material, engine bay.
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The different letters on the end of the part number just mean slight differences to the same basic part.
I’d be amazed if that didn’t fit.
After all, the under tray is fixed to the engine subframe and the bumper surround, there may be some differences in bolt holes/captive nut locations between different engines , but as I said earlier I’d be extremely surprised if you couldn’t get this to fit & work .


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But isn’t the transfer box and gubbins associated with the prop etc for the quattro system located near the offside driveshaft flange coming out from the gearbox?
That’s nowhere near where the under tray fits.
I still reckon the eBay tray would fit,lol.


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the last one you will ever need and you can run over anything without worry

The 8P convertible has a factory plate like that , instead of the flimsy plastic under tray that we’re talking about.
They are a complete pain in the **** , being held on IIRC by about 20 screws in 3 different sizes, and taking about 10 minutes of graft to remove & replace .
Give me the plastic version any day! Lol


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LOL Nessy, it has 4 bolts

I didn’t see that,lol.
I guess the convertible one somehow adds rigidity , it’s very thick aluminium like the one in the link .
Hi all sorry for the late reply found somebody on ebay and got one from there, you would not think that it would be so hard to find one as the trays seem to come off or break and seems a bit of a problem.