Engine ticking 2.3 e Coupe


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hi guys, hope some1 will be able to help!! just bought a 2.3E coupe on an H plate, only 80k on clock, but there seems to be a noise from the head area, which i presume to be the tappets, but not so sure. Is it an easy job to do or do u recommend taking it to a dealer or some1 who knows what they r doing.


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It probabaly is the distributor cam very common problem 20v model?.......

Copied from www.20v.org

Distributor Rattle
(Bob D'Amato)
Symptoms: Engine makes a strange rattle noise when you blip the throttle, heard most predominantly when the rpms fall from +- 2000 rpm back down to idle.
Distributor #: 034 905 205J from 90-91 Coupe Quattro and 90-91 90 Quattro 20V.
  1. Mark the general direction the rotor is pointing. Timing is done by the computer, so you don't have to be too exact.
  2. Remove distributor. You first need to remove the hold-down bracket. You can't really see it, but it's there. The bracket is secured by a 13mm bolt, which may be covered by an anti-tamper cover. You will need a box wrench, preferably a ratchet box wrench, because there is very little room to swing the wrench.
  3. Hold shaft by cam gear and move parallel to shaft (end play). This is your noise.
  4. Drive out Clevis pin holding on cam gear CAREFULLY. Cam gear is plastic and breaks easily. (Experience talking here...)
  5. Add high quality washer/spacers between the cam gear and the body of the distributor, until there is no more play. The spacers should be stainless steel with an inside diameter of 12.7mm (.5"). The thickness may vary by the amount of runout.
  6. Put cam gear back on, drive in Clevis pin.
  7. Put distributor back in car.
NOTES: Use very thin stainless washers to get the right spacing. You don't want it too tight, the distributor must turn freely.


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Hi mate,

I'm guessing you are pretty local to me (dn6)? I've run 5 cyl audi's for years, as you've only just got the car you probably wont know if decent quality oil was used in last change. My advice would be to change oil and filter (decent quality oil, genuine filter). If it is the tappits this usually does the trick unless its really bad and then i'd follow the excellent link given previously regarding tappit repair.

If it is a "lazy" tappit the tapping will be more noticeable 1st thing in the morning, try sitting on tickover and slowly increase the revs to 1500 - 2000, after a minute or two the ticking should stop. If my guess regarding your location is correct and you want me to cast my ear over it for you, let me know, i'm in Carcroft