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Engine swap?

Don Mundo Apr 25, 2018

  1. Don Mundo

    Don Mundo Audi B7 DTM / Audi B8 Sline


    I'm just curious, what kind of engine is possible to swap on the same mounts as CAGA 2.0TDI,since the local laws doesn't allow to engine swap, if you have to modify engine mounts, ofc unless you do the huge paper work and make it as a "project car". And how much of a rocket science is it to change rear axle (from other audi b8) to make it quattro? And is it even possible w/o rebuilding whole rear end of a car?

    Why I'm thinking about all this? Cause I really love my car looks, but I don't like its 'personality', it's 2.0 TDI, CAGA engine with CVT and fwd - feels like it lacks some power and all wheel drive. And as far as I know its not recommended to push and chip-tune the CVT gearbox'ed cars. Is that correct?
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  3. Chop.

    Chop. Registered User

    Change it for a bigger engine quattro job done :sunglasses:
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