Engine stutter at Idle (no codes)


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I've got a 57 1.8tfsi and I have, what appears to be, a slight misfire at idle. The PCV has been replaced along with the rear crank seal, and oil pick-up pipe which seemed to improve the idle but the shudder has come back. Car does drive fine with only a slight hesitation from partial throttle through to 2/3rds thottle. I've used MAF cleaning but that hasn't made it worse or better. There was an old stored code for cylinder 3 misfire so swapped over cylinder 1 and 3 coils, erased fault and hasnt come back but there is still something amiss with the car. Any help would be appricated, thanks!


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Not sure if it is the same as the 2.0tfsi but sounds similar to a problem I had.......

Slight judder on idle and misfire on very light acceleration when passing through around 1200 RPM, after this the car felt normal and wouldn't get the misfire if you accelerated quicker through 1200RPM.

This turned out to be a problem with the cam bridge, this houses the oil control valve and also a solenoid, may be any one of those parts causing your issue but replacing the lot cured my problems.

Let me know how you get on, hope this helps.


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Cheers for the reply. I'm not sure but it may be the same issue. It isn't throwing any codes but live testing shows some misfires on cylinder 2 and 3. The car doesn't seem to be using any oil or coolant so dont think its the head gasket. The coil on plugs aren't connected in pairs are they?


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When were your spark plugs last changed/checked?