Engine stalling when cold


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The wifes motor has been playing up the last few days.

When it's warm it starts and runs fine, but when it's cold i.e. first thing in the morning or after work and trying to go home.

It turns over fine, starts then the revs just drop off. It will keep doing this until you get fed up and keep your foot on the gas.

It's as if you need to pull the choke out (That takes me back).

Any idea's?

It's a 1.8T by the way


Sounds like its fuel related. Had a similar issue like this on a bmw - changed the fuel filter and all was well again.

Try checking the fuel lines, sensor and filter etc otherwise a diagnostic check should hopefully throw out a code.


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Could be an immo problem mine used to do something similar where it would start then immediatly die. Have you got access to vagcom ?? A scan may pick something up.


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Vagcom scan is a good plan.


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Rather embarasing this tbh.
Wife looked on the net, said it's the coolant temp sensor, i said i wanted to get it scanned so she should buy me the lead.
She sent me off to pick up the part from Audi, i fitted it and it has been fine since, saturday morning.
She still has not ordered the lead!
She is still gloating!

Cheers guys