Engine shudders TDI 2.0 40-60 mph


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So I have noticed a big problem with my 2.0 TDI Quattro a3.

Every time I try to accelerate from 40 mph onwards the car has a violent shaking/shuddering with reduced power in acceleration. It is quite scary cause when trying to overtake cars on the motorway my car just doesn't have the power to accelerate like it used to. The shaking stops when I take my foot off the accelerator.

Recently it has been to the garage cause my coolant warning light was on for some reason and the Audi dealer replaced the coolant bottle.

Ever since I got the car back from the dealer I have had this problem with it. It also required a jump start as my battery had run dry when I left the light on. Had to jump it and battery seems to be ok again.

Would this be a problem with the injectors?

Could it an issue with DPF?

Or has it something to do with the battery?

I'm gonna take it back to the Audi dealer for them to have a look-has anyone had a problem like this that might know what is going on?

It has been fully maintained at Audi all its life,


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Sticking vanes in your turbo maybe? Although it sounds really bad


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I think it's unlikely to be the turbo vanes-I had it fitted with a brand new turbo last year as it was making funny noises. That's sorted now.


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I had something like this on an old Audi 80,ater a thermostat change. Turned out to be air locked!


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is it shuddering through the floor ? could be the joint on the prop.. we had this on a 57 plate quattro which you could feel under load between about 2000rpm mainly in higher gears.


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Yes karl, I will def be taking it back to them-it went into the garage just before Christmas and I haven't really done any motorway driving untill today.

As for the filter change-it had it's annual Audi service in November and all the filters were changed.

The coolant light came on after a cold morning one day( sub zero temps parked outside)

It would only stay on for the first 15 secs and would then swithch off against I don't think it was an overheating issue-the guys at the dealer said I had a leak in the coolant bottle and that was replaced. Since then I have had the problems...

I will just have to put it to them that it was fine before they started working on it-now it's broke:/


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Markm, thx for your reply-but it's def nothing to do with the Quattro prop shaft to the back wheels-I had this problem before and this was also replaced at the Audi dealer under warranty-it's brand new.


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So my a3 has gone back to the audi dealer to have this problem looked at. I think its crazy that I have to pay £60 diagnostic fee and I still don't even know what is going on.

After doing a bit more online reading I have come across a few similar stories. Usually with the older style diesel PD engines and I am starting to think it could be the turbo vanes sticking. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it possible from them to block eventhough it had a brand new turbo fitted in 2012 (2 1/2 years ago).

I am dreading what audi will say and what they will charge me. Mayb I should have gone to local garage first for fault codes to be read- I don't want to be stung by audi garage costs again:(

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


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So I got the car back from the audi garage the other day and I feared the worst.

The head mechanic said that there was an error picked up on fault code testing with one of the injectors (he wasn't sure which one). He said the code was reset he they went on a road test and checked to see if fault re-appeared - it didn't.

So Im £60 diagnostic fee down the line and Im still no further what is wrong with my car. They said that if I notice shuddering again I would need to take it back to them.

They said that the car should have the fuel filter replaced every 40,000 miles. It has been fully audi service maintained but I went through the book and it doesn't seem to have had this done.

Has anyone had any experience with this problem. Either fuel injector or fuel filter causing the engine to shudder when accelerating on motorway with loss of power?

Help much appreciated!!

Mark csl

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I drove his A3 today its like a misfire after 3k rpm up
no dash lights or fault codes its like the car was missing
could it be the egr valve ?


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So I have had another thought as I was driving home.

The problem seems most pronounced at higher revs but I have noticed it at lower revs also.

When I was driving down motorway I would notice it at 2K revs in 6th gear trying to overtake a slower car. The engine would just violently shake with no acceleration at all. As if the fuel to air ratio wasn't right.

Thinking back, even when idling sometimes I would hear the engine not running smoothly.

Still never had fault light on dash



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Phoned Audi uk this morning-they said that all injectors had been replaced after they were recalled before I bought the car. there is normally a 2 year warranty on Audi parts which has now passed...

I hope the problem is related to something simple like the fuel filter otherwise I'm stuck:(


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@MA3TDIQ Did you get to the bottom of the shuddering / acceleration issue? Sent my car to the garage with an identical problem and 4 x injectors later and the car is still not right!!! Would love to know if it got resolved for you.