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Engine running cold

hebdenwill Jan 16, 2021

  1. hebdenwill

    hebdenwill New Member

    Hi all,

    I recently got my thermo changed as my temp gauge was reading nothing. This did fix the problem, in that it will now go up to temperature and its reading seems to be correct (checked with an obd tool). However, it likes to sit around 60-70°c. It has gone up to 90 the odd time, driven hard up a long hill but will always settle back down. Of course the weather at this time of year doesn't help.

    Could this indicate the coolant temp sensor wants changing? Or is it a sign of something else? I want to get it sitting at 90 cause I've heard these engines are supposed to run at that heat and mpg can be affected as well as numerous other things if they don't
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  3. originalglenn

    originalglenn Registered User

  4. MPH

    MPH Registered User

    Sounds suspiciously like the stat had the same problem on mine as soon as a new one was installed problem solved! changed the temp sensors at the same time as are cheap and easy to change when you do a coolant systems overhaul.
  5. hebdenwill

    hebdenwill New Member

    Thanks Glenn, will give that a try one day when I'm feeling patient!

    Yeah, the new stat definitely helped but I wish it would stay at 90! Although it stayed up there pretty nicely with some spirited driving today. I wish they'd done the CTS as well, I'd even got the part for them to fit! But they said they tested it and it was 'working'

    I suppose if it gives a reading which fluctuates and that lines up with what the ODB port says it can't be too wrong

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