Engine oil capacity


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As some may know I've bought an RS3
I'm currently waiting on my cherished plate transfer but in the meantime I'm sorting oil and filter out.
It's been serviced by Audi 3000 miles ago but I'd be happier knowing it's got fresh oil in there.
I've searched online and asked Tps for the oil capacity but can't find anything.
I assumed about 7 litres can anyone confirm please?


When i gave mine a mid term extra oil change it took 6.5 litres.

The laser oil filter drain tube makes it less messy when changing the filter.


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I've got one from my S3, I wonder if it fits the filter housing on the RS3?
Thanks for the info


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Haha, you went for it in the end ;), great stuff, assuming it's stock how does it compare to your stage 2+? Are you going to add BCS loveliness too?


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It's early days but it seems to tick all my boxes as it is.
Wouldn't like to give Audi any excuse to invalidate my 2 years warranty


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A fabulous motor car :thumbs up: ENJOY...