engine oil capacity?


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the car is a 2010 audi A4 2.0TDie Technik with a 100KW 136 BHP engine .It has stop start.

what is the engine oil capacity when doing doing an oil service with oil filter and oil change?.

the owners manual only quotes the oil capacity for a 105 KW 142BHP engine which is not my engine and says approx 5 litres.

The eurocarparts website says 3.8 litres when searching for a suitable oil.

doe anyone know or direct me to where ic ould find out.?


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Is it really different to the other 2.0 Tdi motors?

I had a 2010 143 and now a 2013 143 and both would take a full 5 litres with filter, took it to just over the max on the dipstick, but never caused any issues.


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It's 5 Liters with filter.

You should add 0.5L at the time as described in the manual.
There is no dipstick because the quantity is showed on MMI


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Oil capacity is 4.3 litres for the engine, .7 of a litres for the oil filter. so 5 ltrs total is absolutely fine.


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Neither does mine. So I bought a 2013 2.0 tdi Passat one and checked it read the same as the MMI oil level display ;)

would you mind sharing roughly how much it cost from vw for the passat one?