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engine mounts on a 2.0tdi info

Oliver122 Aug 10, 2018

  1. Oliver122

    Oliver122 New Member

    Hi guys , after quite abit of searching to find a knock on the front engine of my car i stumbled across some oil that i believe has come from the engine mount and could be the cause of my knock , now after enquiring for a price i was told that this part has been superseded by another engine mount and this also requires a retaining plate.The price was £150 + vat and the plate was around £20+vat , i was also advised that both sides should be done at the same time due to them both being the same age and that the passenger side one is more expensive. i was wondering if anyone has replaced these and know the part numbers so i can do abit more digging into it as ive gone on to an online parts shop and i can get both engine mounts for £150 and these are lemforder but it does not say anything about a retaining plate.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated

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