Engine Mount replacement


So today i chenged the transmission side engine mount... Easy enough job. Putting it back together required me to haul the engine over with ratchet straps to get it into position... Now, i adjusted the position a few times, as when it started up, there were some real odd noises...Only way i can describe them is 'shhhhhhhh' noises which would go once the clutch is depressed...Its better than it was but still not as it should be. My question is, Is it just the position of the engine i need to sort out, or have i done something else wrong? I think i just need to loosen it again and haul it over a little more... the noise is really only there now under acceleration.

Any ideas?



Numptie of the highest order
I was looking at those rich, looked like a bit too much hard work and money to be honest! I hope they were free samples??? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif