Engine management light


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A bit of a whinge more than anything.

I finished work for Christmas on 22nd December and haven't used the S3 until Thursday this week. Went to get some lunch and he engine management light was on. It was on on my return journey to work and then back home, so turning off the ignition hasn't cleared it.

Phoned my local Audi dealer to book it in to get it looked at. I was told that they recommend not driving it when the engine management light is on. So how soon can they fit it in? 24th January!! 3 weeks before they have a slot - and that is without a courtesy car, Christ knows what the wait would be if I needed a car. They told me to call the AA!

Anyway, I've booked it in to a local independant on Monday so I'll have to see what they say.

I'm getting a bit fed up of the general un-reliability or issues I am getting with the S3 tbh. I'm definitely considering a change.


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Depending we’re you are mate in the U.K. someone local to you on here may be able to scan it for you with vcds for some beer tokens perhaps