Help Please Engine management light. Turbo replacement?


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Hi guys,

I've been suffering with this issue for over a year now!

Basically, any time I drive over 2000rpm for long periods or rev too high too frequently, the engine management light goes on and the car goes into limp mode. If I turn the engine off and on, the light goes off and the car is fine again.

I've taken it to the Russel Automotives garage in Kingsbury three times over the 1-2 years and they have:

- Checked sensors and engine as a whole
- Performed a system flush
- Replaced the Turbo actuator valves (this seemed to fix it for a month or so)
- Replaced the EGR which had an intermittent fault with the flap not always opening (this seemed to fix it for a month or so)

And now they are suggesting I replace the Turbo all together... which would cost me anywhere up to £1500 as the OEM is the only one available for my car (2012 b8.5).

I can upload the VCDS output of the error code given when I get home.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Very rare to actually need a turbo replacement on these engines unless its major high mileage or you exclusively drive very short distances.

I suspect they're thinking its sticking vanes (and this would make sense with the actuator replacement fixing it for a month or so), its also fairly easy to check if this is actually the problem especially on a Quattro car.

Post the codes up and the mileage the cars done


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Hi guys,

Sorry for the tardy response, the turbo wasn't playing up for a good month so I couldn't get the error code but it's happened again so have attached them.

Thanks in advance!




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Clear all errors
Log actual and requested boost in 3rd from 1500rpm to 4k
Post the csv here
Is the car tuned or stock?

Hey Bobby,

Stock car with the exception of a stage 1 revo remap

How would I go about doing what you mentioned? Do i need to have VCDS running in a certain way in third between those rpms or something?
I'm only using my brothers VCDS so i don't have a clue tbh.

Thanks in advance!


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Seems like a decent guide -
In the adv meas blocks - select RPM, requested boost and actual
Hi Bobby,

Sorry for the tardy response, I've had to wait for my mate to be free to use his VCDS and then we were trying to figure out how to do as you mentioned as it wasn't logging it at first.

I THINK we have recorded what you've asked for and attached it in a text file.

I ran it in 3rd with windows up and no AC from 1500 RPM to 4000+ RPM and this is what was logged.

Thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately you didn't log RPM so the figures recorded don't have as much use but looks like the turbo was holding the correct pressure through the acceleration run. Presume you lifted off at around 9.8 seconds.
You could do some more logging of the DPF back pressure to see if there is an issue there. If you were to replace the turbo I would look for a good second hand item and replace it with that. Suppose it's possible there is an issue with the VNT actuator on the turbo.