Engine management light S5 3.0 V6T


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So looking for some advice.

I was driving along a motorway at around 65 in cruise control (Comfort mode) and all of a sudden my engine management light comes on. I stopped checked the engine for anything obviously wrong and nothing was a miss. I didn’t loose power and the car feels fine. I got home and called the RAC and they came out ran a check and these codes came back

DTC: P168000,Emergency running, control unit reset.
DTC: P023500,Turbo/Super Charger Boost Sensor A Circuit
DTC: P006800,MAP / MAF - Throttle Position Correlation

he said he wasn’t sure what it could be so he reset the light and it hasn’t come back on

until yesterday I noticed it popped back up.
Jumped in the car today and no light

comes and goes kinda thing

I’ve just ordered 3 new MAP sensors hoping that will do the trick

anybody else had the same issue or any advice?