engine light on ......any ideas?


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I went out in my car this morning just into town. I parked up and when I drove of about 30mins later my car was juddering like it was misfiring around 1500 revs.
I stopped turn it of and waited few mins and tried again and it was fine, drove for about 3 miles then the engine managementl light came on, but car was still fine.
decided to take car home and for most trip was ok but definitely still had slight judder and under power.

CAlled garage as under warranty and they hoping to look at it monday but any one had this before or possible causes, before garage tries fobbing me off.

can't scan it myself as my cheap lead won't work with windows 8.1 on my laptop.

oh car is 2.0 tdi 140 sportback bkd engine.


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was thinking that was the going to be the answer.

apart from vagcom, is there anything else that can beused to scan for codes and reset service lights etc? was thinking of Clarke/laser tools.


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may be a flow meter or EGR valve if this messes at 1500 rpm, or if you have black smoke when das little more gas