Engine judder / timing belt question


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I have an 8p 2.0 tdi, about 98k miles. Just recently it’s started juddering a little when idle and when creeping forward or reversing slowly.

When I got the car mid 2019, the dealer told me the timing kit was due on either miles or time, but I didn’t opt for it at the time.

is this a sign of that needing to be done? I wondered if it was maybe an engine mount but this just came into my mind, and I thought it could be related.

I’m due to get it serviced at the end of the month, however it won’t come up on that I assume?

Also what would be a non-dealer price for that job roughly?


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judder could be engine mounts, timing issue and a few other faults.
Cam belt is due at 60k miles or 4yrs, whichever is soonest. Anything from £350 to £450.
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yes local audi specialist just quoted me about 450

it seems to not be doing it atm, strangely. I intend to get the work done anyway as it's due