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Engine idle when not in car?????

PeteA7S/Back Feb 11, 2020

  1. PeteA7S/Back

    PeteA7S/Back Member

    So I have been rattling my brain on this for a while and read the manual several times to no avail. When I get in the car and start it I cant leave it running on the drive without it shutting off the engine when I open the drivers door. If I want to defrost the car on the drive I have to sit in it and make sure the door doesn't get opened. I have looked through the mmi options etc and cant find anything on it to stop it from switching the engine off. It has stop start obviously but this is a bug bear that id like to overcome. Anyone know what im missing????
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  3. Ebby

    Ebby New Member VCDS Map User

    Hi Pete,

    I'm sure thats tied in with start stop button?

    I've deactivated my start/stop button. When i start my engine and open the drivers door, the engine is still running and no problem at all. I just get the key not in car warning and thats it.

    Try plugging VCDS and change the start/stop to remember last state OR deactivate it Maybe that would work?
  4. Ebby

    Ebby New Member VCDS Map User

    Wait... I've just double checked on my settings...

    Theres a setting on VCDS where you can enable 'Auto start/stop system with engine running and drivers door opened' This needs to be enabled.

    Unfortunately, this setting is not on MMI :(

    If you're passing by Birmingham at all next week, i can sort it out for you or you can find someone local that would do it.
  5. jcc_1986

    jcc_1986 New Member

    Hi I've just seen this and was having same issue with my A7.

    Silly question probably, but were you in neutral or park? I found that if I shifted to neutral but applied the parking brake the engine kept running.

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  6. +robster+a7+tdi

    +robster+a7+tdi New Member

    i can start mine and get out leaving it running
    must be a setting in kessy

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