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Engine gasket complete set

A WithE Sep 12, 2018

  1. A WithE

    A WithE New Member

    Hi where would it be possible to find a complete engine overhaul gasket set please?
    Everything from crank seals camshaft seals to rocket cover gaskets and every Gasket inbetween
    Just have oil leaking from many seals on my engine, B5 S4 2.7t And I would like peace in mind when rebuilding then engine to change everything for new
    I found a complete set for a 2.8 Passat
    I’m sure some seals are the same but it sure about others
    Any help please
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  3. Leo Komninos

    Leo Komninos Member

    Bought a BGA head gasket set for a 2.4. But instead for my 2.7t cost £44.99, and just need different inlet manifold/plenum gaskets.

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