Engine Drone..


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ok..so recently ive noticed my car is making a low pitched drone noise..im assuming its coming from the engine (its hard to tell where its coming from when your in the car)..

the noise usually starts at around 40mph..and is very noticeable at 70-80mph..

im calling it a drone..but there isnt any kind of vibration..and when the windows are open you cant hear it on the outside..

its recently been serviced..but the noise didnt appear instantly afterwards..so im not sure what it could be?!?

i thought i'd ask here before i took it to an independant..

p.s my car has done around 100k miles if that helps (it had the cambelt changed about 30k miles ago)

thanks in advance :notme:


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these things are hard to diagnose unless you hear them yourself. It does sound like a wheel bearing as it gets louder as you get faster. I know its just been serviced but unless the noise was there and they took it for a road test (they cant spin a wheel at 40mph by hand LOL) it may have been missed. Does the noise change as you steer from side to side?


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currently have had a similar problem with my 07 Sportback i.e. loud droning noise from the back (in my case). Took a friendly Audi mechanic for a spin this morning and within 100 yards he said "ouch - definitely a rear wheel bearing, probably both rear wheel bearings". Is this a known weakness/problem?? OK I have the 20 spoke alloys and low profile tyres, but have driven literally hundreds of thousands of miles in my lifetime and never had a wheel bearing problem before!!

Stevie C

Stevie C
How strange!!!! i recently upgraded the brakes on my A3 8P 2.0TDI Sport. I have fitted MK5 Golf GTI Calipers with 312 discs front and 286 (i think) on the rear. The car is also running on 19" RS4's with 235/35/19 tyres, practically as soon as the upgrade was done i started to hear this drone from the rear... again it kicks in at about 40mph and is pretty loud at 60 - 80mph.

Anyone have an idea of a cost to have this rectified! i normally use a VW/ Audi Indipendent as Bristol Audi seem to rip everyone off... i could go on bout the hassle both some friends (both with A6s) and i have with them!

Stevie C

Stevie C
Anyone know a rough cost to have all 4 wheel bearing done???