Engine Bay Plenum and Battery cover


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2008 B7 A4 S-Line Avant 2.0TDI
These are the numbers you need.
A8E2 819 447 01 C £14.88
A8E2 819 422 A0 1C £6.16

All in with Vat £25.25, so don't bother paying £40+ on eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUDI-A4-B...ts=Car+Make:Audi|Model:A4&hash=item33971424d1

Before, only cover was for the pollen filter.

During, with pollen filter cover removed as not needed,

After, though I think there is a cover for the ECU driver side, anyone?

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I think different models come with different ecu boxes mate, as my 1.9TDI B6 box lines up perfect with the new cover.



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Have no idea but this is why I didn't bother with them. But maybe if I bump this to the top someone that knows will notice the thread and give us the answer


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I've also done this recently and sets the engine bay off nicely. Many thanks to Gio who gave me the part numbers and mentioned it to me in the first place. Liking the idea of using the mesh from the pollen filter cover.