Engine bay clean and detail in Yorkshire area?


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Anybody in the Doncaster/Sheffield area who has the knowledge, confidence and experience in cleaning/detailing an engine bay in preperation for some new bits and pieces that I want to dress my engine with - or any company recommendations? I dont feel confident doing it myself - I'd probably knacker the electrics or something, knowing me.


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Try a detailing company. Someone like CleanDetail

They are based in Doncaster


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I would consider having a go yourself. Don't use any water and so no chance of damaging the electrics.
An old tooth brush and WD40 for the dirty engine parts wiped over afterwards with a microfibre. Followed by Maguiars Black Plastic restorer for the plastic and hoses. Any internal paintwork can be treated the same as the car body. You may need to go over things a few times to get it perfect if it is really dirty.
Much more satisfying than just paying someone else to do it for you.
I have done this all my cars and the engine bays still look brand new even after 19 years for my GTI 1.8T. It also helps you spot things like oil or coolant leaks.