End Of Season Car & Bike Meet & Jolly Farmer 7th Sep


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Hi All,

We would like to invite you ALL along this Sunday the 7th September as we are having a End of season car & Bike show at the Jolly Farmer, we usually hold the monthly ford meet here were we get over 200 cars most months. This Sunday the 7th we have a show that welcomes any car & Bike, its an all day event with trade stands, BBQ, Competitions and magazines turning up as well so it starts at 10am until whenever everybody leaves. However no hooning about upon departure as the venue has had 1 final warning and we do not want to lose it for future meets. Location is Jolly Farmer Pub, Whitewood Lane, Horn, South Godstone, RH9 8JR.

(No sign up needed, just drive and arrive and park yourself wherever you want!)

The reason this is a short post is because all the information is on the below so get those invites out as we are trying to hit 400-500 throughout the day!

Like this link for the homepage - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jolly-Farmer-Pub-Ford-Meet/258270357677943

Like this link for the event, click weather attending or not so we get an idea in numbers. -
Just for a taster here is a video of our monthly meet which is considerably smaller! -