Enabling Navigation on MIB MMI


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Hey, just purchased my first Audi, 2014 A3. Really excited about owning this car, only downside is the navigation isn't enabled.

I've read threads saying that you can take it to a dealer and pay 5 or £600. Which I don't want to do.

Is there a way around this to install navigation on my car. I think I have an MIB MMI, version starting with MSTD.

I know people may be against this, but are there any downloads online I can put on an SD card and install the navigation myself?

I'm also interested in fitting apple CarPlay but don't want to pay £3-500. Is there any cheaper options?

Any help would be appreciated.

Ice Kay

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Nav has to be activated by Audi and you have to purchase the SD card, which all cost about £5-600.

Retrofit Carplay cost about £2-300 don't think you can buy it cheaper