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Enable Full SDS (speach dialogue system)

killphil Mar 25, 2018

  1. killphil

    killphil New Member

    HI, I HAVE rns-e plus and high line MFS and OEM BT ,. I want to enable full SDS .I have copied the 660 software to a cd .But i already have the 650 SW and i can see the SDS file on the Map DVD, (IT LOOKS THE SAME AS THE 660 SW) My concern is if I update with the 660 SW CD Will my Maps DVD with the 650 SW still work.
    Also ,where is best place to pick up the Mic wires ?
    Many thanks Phil

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Flakmunky [​IMG]
    Taken from my post over at Navplus.us

    Info for others coming along later... [​IMG]

    All of this information comes from various threads on the navplus.us forum, however 'SDS' is too short a search term which makes it very hard to find the information so I thought a post with the full term in the title might make it easier for other noobs like me in future... [​IMG]

    Enabling the Speech Dialogue System (SDS)

    I have just got SDS working in my A4. I downloaded the update CD (from here) burnt it to a CD-R (ISO-9660) and finalised the disc. The update took some time and appeared to have hung but it eventually went on and when it finished I had the SDS menu options.

    I then recoded the Bluetooth module (from 1xxxx to 1xx0x) and after that pressing the PTT gave me a beep, then after 10 seconds or so the woman would give a list of commands, so I knew it was all working I just needed to rewire the microphone.

    I had a couple of spare repair wires (000-979-009) which I put in to the following positions:

    Originally Posted by Dave.G6HNI [​IMG]

    MIC +ve ---> RNS-E MIC IN +ve ---> C7
    MIC -ve ---> RNS-E MIC IN -ve ---> C1

    And then used Scotchbloks to tap in to the Microphone wires.

    Anyway, after I had the mic wired in, everything worked fine and as it should. In fact the microphone quality seems to have improved slightly but maybe that is down to too many beers after the install?!

    Many, many thanks to all the kind people who post to this forum as they have helped me to install options which would have cost close to £3000 from Audi for approx. £650.

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  3. janitoS3

    janitoS3 New Member

    anybody knows where can I pick up the wires for the mic on audi s3 8p (2012)?

    the car has original rsne - bluethooth -bose.

    thank you
  4. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green Team Imola TFSI Owners Group Silver Supporter Team Sprint Audi S3 Manual

    Just pop this into google and you will get them on ebay ( 000-979-009E )

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