EML Issue - Its not working


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My EML doesn't work. When you turn the ignition on it doesn't light up. I figured someone may have pulled it out or covered it to hide a previous issue. Took the dials out at the weekend, and when I took them apart to have a look at the light - it was fine. Nothing covering and no damage...

Surely it couldn't have blown? It looks like an LED and surely these have a life of 1000's of hours?

Any ideas?


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It is possible for an led to fail. However like you say, they should have a long lifespan.

It's worth connecting the dash back up with cover off and testing for a voltage at the led base. However, be careful not to short anything!

Or just bite the bullet and replace the led and check if it works.


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How old is the car, my 2001 TDI doesn't have one, the 2004 we used to have at work did.

"Fire up the Quattro".. nice, Gene Hunt is how cops should be nowadays...


Fire up the Quattro!
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Maybe Audi predicted that all A4's would be trouble free except the 2.5's?!