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So this finally turned up today do we have to have the work done?. I've read on a few other German forums there was a noticeable loss in power after the work. Is it just a remap they perform I have a 170 quattro thanks

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After reading too many tales of woe about EGR valve assemblies expiring shortly after having this work done ( and having to foot the bill!) my niece has decided to not take her 2010 1.6 TDI A3 cabrio in to have the work done.....
She has no immediate plans to sell the vehicle, and figures that it could always be done at a later date if it really must be done...


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Mine came too (also 170 quattro). From other threads I've read recently, I don't think I'll be getting it done either. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it...."

My mum has a Golf 1.6 bluemotion. On her way home from having the "fix" done just before Xmas, the car went into limp mode. Diagnosis was as mentioned above, issues with the EGR. Because it died on her almost immediately after having the work done, VW replaced the entire EGR assembly as warranty (best part of £1200 worth of work!). So I guess in her case it did her quite a favour!!


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I've heard loads of people having EGR problems almost immediately after the update so not a chance in hell mines being done, plus mines remapped anyway so is probably running better than their standard map.

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I'm hearing stories of people getting the by default when cars go in for servicing, I have the Audi extended warranty so my car has to go to the dealer, in fact it needs to go in at the end of Feb for a mystery water leak... worrying.

Thinking about it, I wonder if I don't have it done will I invalidate my warranty? Because all of the post-fix issues raised, I can also see a lot of rejected "wear and tear" problems... starting to feel like I should move it on, but actually had no plans to for at least a couple of years.


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Had my company 2.0 TDi Bluemotion done a while back. Had an ongoing issue afterwards in which the car stuttered when you put your foot on
the gas at just under 2K Revs. Anyway thought it was a good excuse to get an APR remap done:grinning:. Still got a slight stutter very occasionally but goes like stink now. :grinning:. Much improved overtaking ability now.


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Any 170 owners here actually have the service action applied?