Emissions control system warning light?


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Hi guys i have a 59 plate audi a3 1.9 tdi and tonight
driving home the emissions control system warning light came on any ideas?

thanks dan


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If your car has DPF take for a motorway run, preferably 1hr or more


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I've an 58 plate and the same happened me. Light came on, I also found that I would lose power when I reached high revs in any gear, 3000RPM or more and that this probem was intermittent.

In the end, I got VAGCOM done on it last week and it came up that I needed to change the DPF output sensor. Changed this (£115 in all) and it seems to have worked. It's not guarenteed to work though and I was told that the DPF itself could be ruined but it seems to have worked!