Emission control system

So get the car back from Audi after 2 weeks, all fine.
Get it home and notice the coolant level was below minimum!!! Worried it had leaked so I topped it up but it has remained at the max so no worries there.
But Jesus Christ, if they are changing coolant components they should check coolant level!!

Anyway now 3 days later my emission control system light is on. Can it be a coincident that they have been prodding around in the engine bAy!?

Anyway I need a diag... Anyone around Northampton/Kettering/Daventry area?


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What work did you have done regarding the coolant components?


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New water pump, thermostat and secondary pump hoses....
Its not uncommon to require a fluid top up whe the coolant system has been drained and refilled. Its due to air locks in the system when refilled, fitters usually have the car running for a while or forcfully pressurise the system to force air locks through but its not 100% reliable, I have a mate that runs a garage and he nips out next day soemtime sot top up systes he's worked on just in case.

No need to panic as long as you have topped it up and it stays filled.
...seeing as you have both cars - rs4 or s4?
i was thinking of getting the rs4 avant for extra space, but thinking it is really worth it? what with the s4 being so unable and as quick as the rs4 when it is.

I do like the style of the rs4 but not sure if worth it?