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Embarrassing squeaky tyres!

LJC105 Jul 6, 2017

  1. LJC105

    LJC105 Registered User

    Anybody else with an S3 have the odd occasional tyre squeal when turning out or into junctions where the tyres squeal? It's becoming increasingly common in my PFL S3 even under light acceleration, as this video shows here:

    It really is quite embarrassing, especially when driving through quaint areas, making me look like I'm driving like a tw:busted cop:t in public. The car was in dynamic at the time and probably didn't even go over 3k rpm. Is this a common issue or do I have an issue with my tyres/haldex?
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  3. S32B

    S32B Registered User

    I'm always in dynamic and have to boot it at the junction at the top of the road frequently to get out, as it's soo busy...never had that though!
  4. RichardT

    RichardT Registered User

    Could it be common to one or more specific places? Wondering if it's some quite smooth road surface that allows the wheels to squeal.
    There is no doubt that the tyres are slipping on the surface slightly to create that noise (and I would say that you put your foot down quite firmly!)

    Even on my car I get the occasional squeal when I'm not expecting it and I put it down to a combination of road surface and (maybe unintentional) heavy foot.
  5. LJC105

    LJC105 Registered User

    It's everywhere. More often than not it is the smooth surfaces. I'm wondering it it could be an issue with Haldex...
  6. Svenedin

    Svenedin Registered User

    Yes. I have had that issue. One of my friends teases me that it is like one of those American TV series where the tyres squeal at 5 mph. It's the road surface being poor.

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