Electronic handbrake - how loud is yours??


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Not sure if I never noticed it before or if mine has suddenly got a lot louder, but was wondering if anyone else can clearly hear their handbrake engaging when you park up and turn off the ignition? It's like a loud whirring noise - not sure if it's normal or if I should take the car in for a check at some point.

Is it just mine?


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Yeah, you hear them sometimes


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Yes it's pretty normal as the servos lock the discs in.

Bristle Hound

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I have the same type handbrake on my current A4 & when it engages, I always think it sounds like the under carriage coming down when your on a airplane lol :laugh:

Quite normal 'noises' buddy, no need to worry :thumbs up:

M1ke H

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As BH suggests - it sounds like aero hydraulics, similar to undercarriage or flaps.

Well mine does, anyway :)


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It's quite a reassuring noise actually - you know when you hear it that nothing is going to roll away:lemo:!


And if it fails at least the DSG owners have the safety of the diff lock :)