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Electro /Alternative

Jason_NZ Apr 22, 2015

  1. Jason_NZ

    Jason_NZ New Member

    Hey there thought I would share some of the tracks I'm currently listening to and see how many people share my taste in music, most of these tracks are favourites I go back to and listen to a fair bit:

    Phantogram - Black Out Days (genres: electronic, shoegaze)

    Pretty Lights - Around The Block (genres: Electronica, nu jazz, hip hop, soul, trip hop, downtempo)

    Lorn - Ghosst(s) (genres: electronic & you cant really define this guy)

    Kraddy - Operation Promethius (genres: glitch hop, hip hop, crunk)

    Nosaj Thing - FWD (genres: electronic, hip-hop)

    Nosaj Thing - Nightcrawler (genres: electronic, hip-hop)

    Yaarrohs - Drake - Furthest Thing (Yaarrohs cover) (Genres: electronic, hip-hop, r&b)

    Yaarrohs - Amber (genres: electronic)

    Nasty Ways - Cyber Snake (genres: electronic, with a touch of trap)

    Marty Party - Purple Chill mixtape (genres: electronic, hip-hop, deep bass, minimal, trap & undefinable)
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