Electric windows - how to dismantle door to check 2008 convertible


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Drivers side electric window made a horrible noise when lowered yesterday, then went up just and now refuses to move. Motor is working and can get a few mm of movement maximum.

How do I dismantle the doors on a convertible to inspect and hopefully fix the problem myself.

After a quick look the only screw I can see on the door card is right at the centre of the bottom of the card. Link to pictures would be a big help and some more info on the elecric window mechanism too please. Last thing I want to do is break plastic clips or be left with a rattling door afterwards...




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Sounds like the regulator, top of the door needs removing to get to the mechanism fully.


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Hi, can you point me at some pictures of the regulator and how to replace?

Any idea of costs involved?



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This shows how to remove door card and frame.

Removing 4 more screws remove the regulator.
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