Electric Windows have gone Loopy!


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Hello all, i searched this forum and some others for an answer to my problem but could not find a match. I think its electrical/sensor problem hope its easy reset fix or something. I recently purchased a 2007 A3 sportback and all the windows and buttons operated as normal full up/down/increments.

The other day my wife (will blame her but it was :)) was messing about with the front passenger window in short up/down increments, the next time she fully closed the window with one pull and let the button go the window re-opened and dropped back down a few inches. So she pulled the button up again to re-close but the same thing happened, this process went on for quite a while until I put the drivers side window all the way down which for some reason allowed the passenger window to close properly?!? But guess what the problem with the passenger window was now on the drivers window, weird! It gets better, as well as not closing properly the drivers side would now not do pull/push increments but it still functioned holding the button to go up and down - but as with the passenger window it would drop back down when attempting to fully close. It was starting to drive me crazy as the rain was expected :(

A bit confusing I know but I managed to get both windows closed by doing the reverse of above, I put the passenger window all the way down which now allowed the drivers side to close, of course I expected the passenger window not to close properly but it did! I Could not help myself I thought maybe the windows had sorted themselves out I was wrong same problem same fix. Have stopped using the front windows incase it gets worse.

Interestingly both the rear windows operate as normal.

Any advice appreciated.
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You might want to try holding the switch in the most upper position for 2 seconds or more when they're up, it should reset the window. I had problems with the one touch windows up feature not working, and that fixed it for me. They would also do the re-opening thing you describe. The exact procedure is in your manual.


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Oh yeah the manual :)

In the meantime thanks, I Will give it a try on the way home from work tonight but I think i've already done that.

Does sound like the reset fix I need.