Electric window ground to a halt


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Well, on one of those frosty mornings my drivers side window packed in on my 2003 8P. Went to open it, and it tried to work against the ice and cut out. I got it to go down a bit giving it a helping hand but it wasn't keen to move. So tried to put it back up, and got a few horrible grinding noises, I was thinking it was gonna get stuck, or break sending the glass down into the door (!), but I got it up (excuse the pun). Now it's stuck there, when I push the button the motor seems to make a little effort but nothing moves.

So I guess I'll be pulling the door panel off soon, is it easy enough? What broken bits should I be expecting?

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ihave same issue on my a4 avant if you get one person to pul window up whilst yo use button it goes up again easy enuff but doesnt fix problem i need to fi mine dont know the part either was going to get regulator kit but not sure if thats the problem :(


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I have door modules available for 8P if interested.


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Probably your window motor gave up. Happened to me last winter in a very similar scenario. Might have to replace it.