Electric Tailgate Retrofit on C6 Avant


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Apr 1, 2021
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New Zealand
Hi guys, I've got an 05 A6 Avant 3.2 Q without the electric tailgate. I'm aware this retrofit has been done a few times successfully, but I want to do all my research first before I try. B5Nut's brilliant write-ups on the C6 project outlined the majority of it, but I have a few things I want to clarify.

I have access to a wrecking a6 (2008 Pre-F Avant 2.8 Q) which I bought the entire interior from last year (absolutely everything visible except headliner due to sunroof). I am going back to that place soon because I want to get the components for the electric tailgate. I didn't realise it had it at the time so I didn't buy them, but when I got home I saw the button on the tailgate interior panel. I have done as much research as I can get online, but still have questions that I want to get answered. I need to do it in one trip because it's 700km away. (I live in NZ)

The parts I believe I will need to get are
- Motors along with tailgate drive control units etc (4F9 827 852 F & 851 F)
- Convenience/Comfort Control Module (4F0907289 with suffix either "B, CS, CQ, DQ, BQ, AQ, Q, K"), (SW: 4F0 910 289 K etc)
My current Comfort control module is 4F0907289 "G" so I believe I will have to replace it with one from the wrecking car.

Power latch (4F9 827 383 E or G Required for Quattro models with 4/6 cylinder engines
Brackets for driver motors (4F9 827 603)
Wiring Harness and bolts etc.

Is there anything else I will need to get, and what coding will need to be done? I assume the comfort control module controls the other features like keyless entry, interior ambient lighting etc. My car has the ambient lighting but the other car doesn't, and I will be transferring those parts over to the wrecking interior when I install it, so will I have to code that into the replacement comfort controller?

I'm new with all this coding stuff so don't know what will be required - I have OBD11. Will I need VCDS or something?
Thanks in advance!!