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Electric Seat Option

Lyons Jul 26, 2018

  1. Lyons

    Lyons A7 / Mk7 R

    Folks I recently picked up a 2012 A7 S-Line. It has electric seats (4 way lumbar plus the other 2 controls in the seat shape) with memory, but non Comfort. I had a look through an early brochure online and I cannot see electric seats like this listed as either standard or an option. The standard spec appears to include just the 4 way lumbar, and the only option I can see is for Comfort seats.

    This is purely out of curiosity, but does anyone know what the story is with them?!

    On a side note, when I first got the car I was able to view the factory spec in MyAudi online, however now I cannot see the option on the website or the app. Has anyone used it recently?

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  3. nickc29

    nickc29 New Member

    I'm not sure about their origin but I really love them. Makes those long roadtrips and commutes tolerable.

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