Electric Lumbar support S3


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No mate.

Had it on my last one and never used it, waste of money in my opinion.


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Depends on your back really. I find that i adjust mine occasinally as it helps supprt my back depending whether i've been tense at the office or working hard at the gym. It also helps on long journeys almost acting like a massage :)


Before getting my car I had an S-line for a weekend demo, then an S3 for an afternoon, neither had electric lumbar support and I could never quite get comfortbale - lower back was never quite comfortable.
I specced it with mine, and have got it set right for me, but obviously never adjusted since then. So, get a test drive in one without elec lumbar, an extended drive if you can - if you get comfy - no need, if you can't it's a worthy addition!


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Once you have set it you will never change it. So if the std seats already suit you then I wouldnt bother.


I'd say so. For me the seat needs a little more lumbar support, but as suggested already, drive one with and without if you can.

It goes without sayin - You need to drive for a fair length of time to know whether no lumber is going to give you jip :)


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personal opinion but I would say YES as I find the base backrest in the A3 soft. I missed it off my 3.2 ages ago and I have to say the S3 seat is much better. It is true that you probably wont change it but that doesnt make it not worth having..


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Mate i've got it and didn't spec it, car was already built and it was and extra bit thrown in.

TBH i've used it a few times. Find it good on a long journey as i adjust it to help stretch/ support my back and change its position. Depends how comfy you find the standard seats etc.....


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I had it on an courtesy car and found it gave extra support that the drivers seat lacked.

Impressed enough with it that I've ordered it on my new S3


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depends how old you are or how bad your back is - im old but didn't spec it but now thinking like you - is it worth having - im going to see if my local audi has one and try it - it wont be a perfect test but I just add it anyway - may do the same for the load through option was thinking of colour coding the wing mirrors but I may keep them silver anyway

I did think about electric seats but every seat ive tried is frustratingly slow - sure memory seats are better but ill probably stick with manual unless someone can sell me the benefit other than sheer laziness

decisions decisions - so indecisive - lol on the same day I spent >7 times the amount on a new flat to rent out and spent about approx. 1/700th time deciding whether to buy it compared to a replacement or new car, crazy really - cars really do hit that emotional button


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is it me or are audi and other manufacturers missing a trick - seems that a lot of options you have to specify as part of the build and retro fit isn't possible. surely you should be able to buy any option after getting the car and to avoid people having a low spec just make retro fit a lot more expensive

ive read some comments that if you don't specify electric lumbar support you cant add it later as the electrics are different - crazy, what a missed sales opportunity


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think ill prob add, wonder if electric seats are worth having, then again when do we stop adding options, lol