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Eibach pro sport-s front axle weight difference??

mamba76 Jul 10, 2018

  1. mamba76

    mamba76 New Member

    Hi all. Im looking at a set of pro street sport coilovers for my A4 B7 avant 3.0tdi (ASB).
    Eibach list 2 options for their kits - PSS65-15-006-07-22 & PSS65-15-006-08-22. The 08 kit supports an axtra 150kg on front axle. Why is this? Is it just to give a firmer feel?

    Iv heard the comfort of these is better than stock s-line (which I have). Stock is a bit crashy over potholes, also good to have the performance aspect when I need it and ability to change the stance although I want it to look close to stock so will not be slamming it!

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  3. b6ben

    b6ben Member

    As far as I know it’s to do with how much weight the front axle is rated for, so your car (I have one too) has a big heavy v6 so we need the higher weight versions were as someone with a 2.0tfsi will need the lower weighted ones.

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  4. mamba76

    mamba76 New Member

    here is a link to Eibach carpart_cat

    for same engine they list 2 identical street-s kits except one is 1080kg front axle and the other is 1230kg, this is the same 3.0tdi so it must be some personal preference for a firmer feel at front end. If thats the case Im not sure what I would prefer lol. For me it could be an expensive mistake if I get it wrong.
    Can anyone give an unbiased opinion on the differences in daily driving with these vs stock S-line? Im sure the fast road experience will be improved, Im able to swing this car round rounder bouts pretty good as it is so the S-line suspension is a good performer in this respect but its too crashy over the small stuff. (and everything else in suspension is new or good) Old Mercedes compressors have sports shocks and Im surprised how well they handle bad roads.
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  5. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    ... Springs rated for different weights of car definitely has nothing to do with personal preference... unless people have a preference of a crazy high or low front end...

    I would say it's more the website that's messed up, if you don't want to buy them from elsewhere might be best giving them more info on your car so they can provide the correct springs.
  6. mamba76

    mamba76 New Member

    I emailed Eibach, will let you know. Way I see it is its just thicker front springs. I don't know if side by side one would stand taller than the other just one would compress easier than the other, which would give a firmer feel. I dont know but will wait to see what they say.
  7. mamba76

    mamba76 New Member

    Well pretty easy one. They say :-

    You need to pick the kit that is relevant to the front axle load of your vehicle. If you look on the VIN plate of your car you will find a number '1' and '2'. The figure in KG next to the number one is your front axle loads, if it is up to and including 1080kg then use the 07 kit, if it is above that then us the 08 kit

    I guess its possible to get 150kg of optional extra's on this car. Mine has virtually f'all except cruise control so will probably be the lighter one.
  8. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    You can find your front axle weight usually on a small plate somewhere on the car - under the bonnet, b pillar, boot.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
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