Eibach Pro-Kit installed


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-3.0 pro kit installed today.

After 20 miles what I can notice:
- car is not pitching when doing harsh starts or braking, it's much more stable
- more harsh ride on tiny bumps - I can feel the bumps I didn't feel before
- less harsh ride on medium bumps - as if the car is softer with them
- noticeably less chassis rolling in the corners

I'm happy so far, except that I have a feeling car is escaping a little bit to the right when driving 60mph... It's not going as straight when I let the steering wheel as before.

Is that normal after something like new spring installation, and will the optical wheel alignment correct it?


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Yes mate you need a new Laser wheel alignment session after changing the springs. This will really bring out the best in the kit too. Have a look at my thread to see how your thoughts compare! I'm definitely not disappointed!


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I've done a laser aligment and my car still pulls to the right. It's not that noticeable at lower speeds (<60mph), but once I'm on a highway (60mph+), I can see it clearly... Just set my steering wheel straight, follow the line between the lanes, and my car starts weering to the right :-/

So, either the laser wasn't done properly, or somethings done wrong during the springs installation (although I doubt it??? is it even possible?).

Anyone had something similar?


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I give 3-4 weeks for my springs to settle before going for the laser setup, how much time did you allow?

Check wheels for buckle and tyres for any defects too. Also don't forget to check tyre inflation pressure before going for the laser alignment.


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Did you have a full 4 wheel hunter alignment or just the front wheels laser tracked?

Any decent garage should check the tyres for pressure/damage/wear before any alignment but may well be worth checking pressures again as you may have a slow puncture.


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Swap wheels front to rear (or left to right just to prove it out.. Tyres may of worn to follow wear on original ride height.
I am really happy with my Eibach kit too :)