Eibach Pro front only springs on S3 - anyone?


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Aug 10, 2009
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Hi all,

I'm being specific here as I need to try and source pictures of an S3, preferably facelift, which has Eibach Pro front only springs. Considering these as only want the front dropped slightly. I have tried searching, but can't find images of front only springs fitted.

Tried the H&R route personally and it's too low for roads, access around me, so looking to get the front down to match the rear.

Ideally looking for front to drop 10mm, but I appreciate the Eibach's say 20mm, but in real world equates to more like 15mm. If anyone knows of 10mm lowering springs, then great, or a custom spring, please let me know.

Coilovers not being considered just yet.

Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Rich.
You ever get Eibachs on? Not loving the H&Rs either anymore; they look good but the roads around here are horrendous, and the car is just bouncing all over the place so need to sort the dampers too or just go back to stock until I get coilovers or something sorted.
Ditto, I'm about to get these fitted next month as I'm speedboating!
I've just had them fitted to my S3 as there was a larger gap at the front than the rear.

Doesn't feel any different on the road i.e. still quite harsh compared to previous cars, but looks at lot better without compromising ride height too much.

Here's a quick pic of them fitted ...
Looking nice, thinking of the same kit. Do you have a picture straight from the side? mutch easier to see the gaps and so.

Wow, this thread was a while ago.

I fitted the Eibach Pro's and they dropped the front nicely, but whether it was all in my head or not I don't know, but I always felt the car was nose down. It's hard to explain, just felt like that. Front only springs didn't sit right in my head either.

I ended up going the VW Racing spring route as H&R's and the CK's I had on the car at the time meant I needed to run a 215 tyre which was bad news around these parts.

VWR springs in reality drop the car about 21/22mm as they are advertised as 20mm lowering springs. I had a horrific experience with H&R's, but it's an isolated experience. There's plenty of S3's out there that run just fine on them. I however, had to go a different route and the drop is right for me.

With regard to Eibach's though, a local guy had fitted them to his S3 at the time. He took pics and posted all the measurements. Check this thread out in full, measurements two thirds down the page.

So the next question(s): how are the VWR springs? Are they front only too? I assume there's no issues with a 225 on your CHs now?

I know what you mean about the car feeling nose-down, the S3s are all a bit reverse-rake so lowering the front to level it can seem odd. Makes sense though, if the rear starts off higher, and loading up the car seems to lower the rear much more than the front.

I can't stand the S3 shock/H&R combo much longer, but don't want to be back at standard height when the new wheels go on.
VWR's are great, can't fault them. 19's always feel a bit more harsh, it's a given. They are progressively wound, not sure it makes more of a difference, but I think it does. 4 springs.

No clearance issues, rub, etc. Only ever had 1 rub at the back, pushing on, small hump in road.

If you're onshore Marty give me a shout and you're welcome to sit in and experience them in person.
Sounds good. I'm home for the forseeable future, when's best for you? Take it you're working during the day?