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Egr error since emissions fix update?

amowolves Aug 31, 2018

  1. amowolves

    amowolves Member

    Hi folks,

    Iv had an egr valve error (n18) pop up n cause the car to go into limp mode. I pulled over n restarted the car and all has been well for a week now, and I can't seem to replicate the problem.

    The cars only done 50k, though it is a 2011 plate so getting on abit now.

    I have been googling and it appears audi do a 2yr warrantee on any emissions related parts including the egr from the date you have the emissions update done. I think it's been just over a year now since I had it done.

    Has anyone else come across this issue since getting the emissions software update?

    The cars going in for n mot n service tomoro. Hopefully gets thru ok.

    Was thinking if it pops up again in the near future I'll try audi UK n see if they will rectify the issue.

    I'd be surprised if the egr was faulty at 50k.

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  3. Gazwould

    Gazwould Well-Known Member

    They're made of chocolate .

    The emissions fix was meant just to be about removing the cheat software but VAG went and tried to reduce the NOx further with limited success .

    In order to do that more egr operation is required which makes the chocolate melt .

    Some dealers back a while ago had cars stacking up waiting for new egr's as they had run out in the UK .
  4. amowolves

    amowolves Member

    Wow that's good to know. Thanks for the info. What you say make sense. Can't believe audi though....Hopefully they honor the repair if it does pop up again.

  5. Stokka

    Stokka Member

    If it went into limp mode it will have stored an error, the error code should back up what you've described so take it in and get it looked at as it should be FOC to just even look really if the part is warranted.
  6. RS_Dan

    RS_Dan New Member Team Sepang Audi RSQ3

    Exactly this, they should look into it and replace the egr if that’s what threw the error. Get it logged with them now just In case it happens again after the 2 years warranty is up.

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