EGR Delete using a resistor


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Hi, apologies as its a subject thats been done to death, but I cant find the answer to this question.

Fault code of p0401 has come up on my 2.0 TDI BKD. Took off and cleaned out the EGR which was filthy. Hasn't got rid of the fault however.
I don't want to spend any more money on the car as its getting sold shortly, so can i just put a blanking plate on the intake manifold, and rather than map the EGR out, as i don't have the skills or kit to do so, can I use a resistor instead?

Not seen anyone say they've done this?

when i took off the EGR valve it was in the open position, which i believe is not right, should be closed when the car is off(?) as its already open can i do the above and fix the issue? Or does it need to be closed/removed?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Sounds like you have a faulty EGR valve, as you already know!

The options you have are, buy and fit a new EGR valve, have it mapped out and block off the pipe or sell it as it is if your getting rid soon.

No you can't just put a resistor across it

It'll run ok with just the blanking plate in, however you'll still have the light on the dash and fault code present (unless it's mapped out)


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It's vacuum operated anyway so nowhere to put a resistor. The error is also due to flow readings being out not electrical.