EGR Cooler advice - genuine or aftermarket?


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hey all, was looking for some members advice on buying a new egr cooler, whether to buy genuine audi or aftermarket. According to my mech the EGR cooler changeover flap has seized up, he recommends genuine audi parts and i can understand why but having got a few prices for it it's pretty expensive coming in at around £350. In comparison an aftermarket is anywhere between £120-£180 but i don't know if i should risk aftermarket with this part is it is a part that requires lots of labour to remove if it is dodgy. The aftermarket exhaust gas temp sender which was fitted by a previous owner is reading implausible when tested from cold so this is something else that needs to be changed.


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As i have found out to my cost , i personnally wouldn't buy aftermarket engine parts as you probably only get a 1yr Gaurantee but with the Audi part it should be 2 yrs Garuanteed so its a no brainer to me


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You may find the garage won't fit it as they would have to investigate it at their cost if your cheaper part failed and you brought it back to them.
Then of course, if the part is at fault they can bill you for the investigation work and you will end up paying for the part you were advised to buy to begin with.
IMO, if a garage is doing the work, take their advice as they know their stuff. If you can do the job yourself, all the risk is on you so buy cheap if you are confident you can sort it if needed.


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Buy the genuine part. Try TPS for a price, most folk on here use them for Audi oe parts.