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EGR about to break. Clean it?

Sonnny Sep 13, 2018

  1. Sonnny

    Sonnny New Member

    My Audi dealer have just changed the O2 sensor 1 bank 1 in my A4 2.0TDI 177hp CGLC engine because of error code P2196.
    It think the sensor broke because of soot build up after the EA189 emission fix/update.
    Ofcourse they deny that this could be because of the fix;)
    I could not claim the warranty "Trust building measure" because the fix was installed more than two years ago, but they were kind to exchange the sensor as goodwill because they did a big service at the same time they had the car.
    Anyway, now I have a feeling that something may be wrong with the EGR valve or cleaner, or both.
    No warning light have came up yet, but when engine is idling I can hear a constant beeping noise from the engine.
    It's not that loud but it's annoying and I'm scared that it could cause a bigger problem soon.
    Besides the noise I think the idle is a bit more rough and slight less drag.

    I don't dare to leave the car to the Audi dealer for this because I think they will send a costly estimate for a new EGR.
    Do you think it's a good idea to have the EGR valve and cooler removed to have it cleaned?

    I have a found a genuine Audi workshop manual for the EGR on this car which I thought could help me, but still some questions are roaming in my head.
    This manual is an overview of the EGR and also explains how to do clean the EGR cooler. They don't remove the cooler to clean it, they hook up some machine on it and flush it through with some cleaning solution with the cooler still mounted on the engine. According to this manual they don't advice to do this cleaning on EGR with certain part numbers, and my EGR is one of them hmm.

    Can't I just rip it out end clean it by hand and put the parts in an ultrasonic cleaner which I have?
    To do this I apparently need to drain all the coolant out from the system?
    How do I do that and how do I fill it up correctly so there is no air in the system?
    Where I can buy genuine gaskets for the EGR?

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  3. Sonnny

    Sonnny New Member

    A few more questions;)

    1. If I instead decide to blank the EGR and disable it with VCDS, can this cause trouble to my DPF? Because I wan't to keep that.
    2. If blanking EGR, is it necessary to remove the EGR cooler aswell? Or is it best to leave it there?
    3. What will happen when I take the car to the Audi dealer for service when the EGR is blanked? Will they put a remark on this and estimate to restore it with a new EGR?
  4. The Jargen

    The Jargen Member

  5. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Get rid of it and the DPF :icon thumright:
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  6. Sonnny

    Sonnny New Member

    Everything now points at not blanking the EGR.
    Yesterday I talked to a well known tuner and they don’t recommend blanking the EGR without removing the DPF on this car.
    They had several issues with this, so the only option they now offer for this car is EGR+DPF delete.

    DPF delete is not an option for me..

    Back to square one, I will try to clean the EGR system myself and then do a rollback of the ECU software.
    If I figure out how to drain and bleed the coolant correctly.
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  7. Sherv

    Sherv Active Member

    I had my EGR blanked and deleted with my DPF intact for two years on my A3 09 with no issues.
  8. J305

    J305 Member

    Hey, i have a 1.8tfsi, my egr cooler is leaking, could I do the same? Blank the egr and will it still pass MOT?
  9. Sherv

    Sherv Active Member

    It's only a visual check so if you have a blanking plate they wouldn't really know. You'd have to get it coded out via the VCDs though.

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