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Efficiency warning when driving with windows open and A/C off

rum4mo Jul 5, 2018

  1. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    Any other tight wad/temperature tolerant people out there had a warning from their car when driving maybe in a spirited manner while the front windows are slightly open and A/C off? First time for me was on Tuesday!
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  3. Neil Wilkinson

    Neil Wilkinson Member

    What sort of warning??
  4. SRRAE

    SRRAE Member

    Its one of the economy tips that pops up on the dash, it basically says that the aircon is on close the windows.

    Its nothing to so with aerodynamics or wind resistance or anything like that, its more the cold air is just going out the window.
  5. blueleggy

    blueleggy New Member

    I often start off with the windows open in hot weather just to evacuate the hot air out of the car.

    The other day the back ones were still open when I got the motorway and I got the warning tip :)

    I don't think the air con was on. The implication was that it increases drag.


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  6. Booboo

    Booboo Active Member Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 Black Edition quattro S tronic S-line owners group

    Yes I've had it too on my b8.5
  7. WesT-gefül

    WesT-gefül Active Member Bronze Supporter

    It’s just an economy tip when driving in the economy setting. Having windows open creates more drag. Its there to help you. You can turn the tip off in the MMI. it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just fuel saving tips. Ps It doesn’t matter if you have the aircon off or on, if you are in the eco drive mode you’ll see the message once you get over a certain speed.

    Easy rule : open your windows in 30mph zones and then above 30mph, use your aircon (in eco aircon) to cool the car. You’ll use less fuel this way.

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